17 Gorgeous Short Brown Hair with Highlights

Short Hair with Highlights

Highlighting can be done on hair of any length, including short. Look hair after dyeing will be even more original and stylish. The main thing – to choose the right technique and carefully carry out the procedure.

Short Hair with Highlights - 18

Short Hair with Highlights Short Hair with Highlights Short Hair Highlights Short Hair 2016 Highlights

With the help of highlighting any hairstyle can be revived and made more original. Depending on which coloring technique to choose, the overall image will change. Dyed locks can impart solidity or boldness, emphasize social status or clearly reflect a life position.

At highlighting on short hair a lot of advantages:

1-A huge plus is that the coloring can be done by both young girls and adult wise women.

2- In contrast to the full coloring, when highlighting the hair almost does not suffer due to the negative effects of paint.

3- Most modern techniques offer a simple, yet extremely stylish result. That is, the staining does not catch the eye, but at the same time a zest in the general image appears.

Unfortunately, there are those who better to refuse from highlighting. Thus, the procedure is contraindicated for the fair sex, whose hair is weakened, exhausted and badly broken. It is not recommended to hold it on the hair, which was previously painted with henna. This substance is very unpredictable combined with other paints and clarifiers.

Short Hair 2016 Highlights Short Hair with Highlights - 6 Short Hair with Highlights - 7 Short Hair with Highlights - 8 Short Hair with Highlights - 9 Short Hair with Highlights - 10

Of course, the choice of techniques is not so great, and, for example, the popular Venetian or California bleaching for short hair will not work. These types of coloring are much more interesting to look at the long head of hair. But still there is an alternative:

1-Very original hair highlighting according to the Peek-A-Boo technique. This style is designed for owners of light curls and implies interspersing into the lower part of the hairstyle barely noticeable dark thin locks. In principle, the coloring can be adapted for dark-haired girls, but at the same time the main thing is to successfully choose a contrasting color for the strands.

2-Creative highlighting for short hair will decorate the hairstyle of bright girls. Multi-colored wide strands must necessarily contrast with the main hair color. Best of all look bright shades: red, pink, green, purple.

3-style and solid looks two-color highlighting. For him choose the paint, combined with each other, but contrasting with the main color of hair.

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Ombre and short haircut are the hottest trends this year! Now you can see the ombre literally everywhere. But you may have noticed that most ladies prefer to wear this original kind of dyeing for long hair. If you are the owner of an asymmetric bob, bob or any other short haircut, or you are tired of long curls and you want to radically change your image, ombre will look great on your short hair!

We have selected the most popular ombre colors for you, which you can try this year. Pick your color, shape haircut and experiment! To decide what color to dye your hair, determine the type of your appearance. Skin tone and eye color influence which shade will look most advantageous on hair. Usually there are 4 types of appearance: spring, summer, autumn, winter. We will tell you how to determine your type of appearance and what hair color suits each type.

Short Hair with Highlights - 17


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