17 New Short Haircut Ideas for Chubby Faces

Short Haircuts for Chubby Faces

Owners of short haircuts are a special “look” of women. As a rule, they are independent, courageous, creative, who are open to new changes in their image and are not afraid of change. If you want to change your style cool – make a short haircut.

This season in a trend daring and bold hairstyles, naughty bangs and crazy, bright colors.

We made a selection of short haircuts, which are found on the web. These are ordinary women who are among us, and their short hair unites. And at the same time we will tell all the pros and cons of short haircuts.

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You will always stand out from the crowd. Short hair always looks extravagant and stylish. According to some men, a short haircut is pretty darn sexy. Hair of short length opens the face, makes it expressive and most importantly – you can admire a beautiful neck.          For short hair needs minimal care. In your arsenal should be shampoo, hair dryer for styling and an ordinary comb.

It is necessary to regularly monitor the short haircut, otherwise you can spoil the image of your sloppy, overgrown haircut. Therefore, the campaign to his master should be regular.
Before you cut off the hair, be sure to consult with the stylist. Incorrect haircut can not play in your favor. Therefore, the advice of a professional in this matter is simply necessary. He will help you choose exactly your “haircut”, which will hide the flaws and favorably emphasize the dignity.

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And one more observation: as soon as you see your reflection in the mirror, after changing your image, you will experience such an indescribable feeling that you will remember for a long time. We wish you that these emotions would always be positive.

Do you dream of a stylish short haircut? Before you grab the scissors, you should understand whether this image will suit you. Otherwise, you risk shedding tears in the next six months, each time approaching the mirror. We decided to go from the opposite and tell who categorically does not suit short haircuts. Of course, you and only you will decide the fate of your hair. But it is better to first weigh the pros and cons.

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Cutting off long hair, you seem to place accents. The focus is on your face, and if your skin is far from ideal, you risk a lot. Is your skin prone to inflammation? Or are there any irregularities, scars? Nose is red with excitement? Believe me, you’d better not have a haircut, otherwise all these unobtrusive details will usually appear before the eyes of others. At the very least, postpone the visit to the hairdresser until you solve skin problems.

It would seem that model appearance guarantees you attractiveness with any haircut. But, as practice has shown, not always! If you do not have enough round shapes, then a short haircut will turn you into a real boy. For example, Agnes Dane, who is considered to be the trendsetter of fashionable haircuts, would have looked much more feminine with her hair loose, at least with a medium hairstyle.

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