20+ Pics of Short Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

Short Hair Bangs

Amazing gift of nature – curly and curly hair. Hundreds of girls spend time every day trying to make curls with curls or hair curlers. And women with wavy hair do not have such a problem, beautiful curls are always with them.

Undoubtedly, the charm of wavy and curly hair is manifested in their length. But wearing the same hairstyle is always very boring. Here you can decide on experiments and afford a short haircut. Not every short hairstyle will suit girls with curly hair texture. How to choose a short haircut in accordance with the structure of the hair and face type?

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Consider the most popular and trendy hairstyles that are perfectly combined with wavy or even curly locks.

Multistage haircut – it is always ideal for hair with curly structure. In this hairstyle curls are beautiful and neat. Often, girls with such a haircut do not even have to make any effort for styling. It is enough just to dry the hair with a hair dryer after washing, gently beat the hair with your fingers and everything is ready.
Who will suit the ladder?

With a short ladder on curly hair, you can visually stretch a wide face. Haircut is suitable for girls with a square face type. It is not recommended to do a stepped hairstyle on an oval face, it may seem even more elongated.
Regarding the structure of the curls – the hair is better to do on the hair with an average degree of waviness or a little curly. Too curly hair in this hairstyle may look too voluminous.

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This haircut has become especially popular over the past few years. Stylish, fashionable, comfortable short hairstyle can solve the problem of unruly hair and greatly facilitate the life of girls who have absolutely no time for complex daily procedures with hair.

Who is pixie for? Pixies practically bare the entire oval of the face, so it is not suitable for women with wide and square types of faces. It will be good for girls with an oval face, triangular, thin, narrow. Haircut will look harmoniously on the “small” girls with a fragile figure. The hairstyle emphasizes elegance and sophistication in women.

Hairstyles pixie can afford a lady with any structure of hair, from the smallest curls, to large curls. Usually, a haircut does not require special styling and lies “by itself”.

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Kare-bob is an excellent option for those who want to get their hair cut short, but not “under the boy”. Long strands in front make the hairstyle more feminine and romantic. Haircut gives thin hair volume and pomp.
Who would be a bob car?

Bob is not recommended to cut hair with fine curls. But girls with slightly curly hair, or owners of medium curls can safely choose this haircut. Especially advantageous hairstyle will look if the hair is thin.

A bob-caret with strands elongated at the front will make the round face more elongated. The square face will look softer. This haircut can do and women with an oval face. In general, the bob car is suitable for almost all types of people. It is for the universality of this haircut is chosen most often by girls who want to get rid of the length of hair.

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Very unusual and original on the wavy hair look short haircuts with asymmetry. Usually the focus is on one of the side strands or on the bangs.
Who is an asymmetrical haircut?

First of all, it should be understood that such a haircut should correspond to the lifestyle. Often through these hairstyles, girls express their inner world and individuality. There are no specific rules for such hairstyles. Here, rather, you will have to consult with a stylist and choose the kind of asymmetry that will fit each specific type of appearance and hair structure.

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Wavy hair, in comparison with straight, have a more porous structure, and therefore require more thorough care. Often make moisturizing and nourishing masks to curls were shiny and elastic. And do not forget that any short haircut opens face. If your skin has imperfections, then with a short hairstyle they will be more noticeable. For short haircuts, it is desirable to have a healthy, smooth skin.


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