33 Trendy New Short Hair Styles with Cute Bangs

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For well-groomed hair, the beauty and style of a feminine haircut will be a necessary norm. In the season of 2019, coarse boyish haircut ceases to be relevant, the graceful forms gently framing the face confidently occupy the leading position in the trend. It is believed that a short haircut gives the image of audacity and rebellion. Looking at the photos of short haircuts of the 2019 season, you will see that they are also charmingly sexy, not inferior to anything long. In addition, it is very convenient because it does not take much time to care for them and styling.

This season for short haircuts fashionable new directions: for ultrashort haircuts it is recommended to use bright shades; volume effect in the hair; Pixie style haircuts; in the haircuts will be spectacular geometric contours; hairstyles based on bob cropped haircuts are very popular; Grunge haircuts; and permanent smooth haircuts.

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For many years, it remains a trend of a square in all its varieties, both classical and extravagant bob-square, with a torn or asymmetrical bang, perfectly decorate chubby beauties. If you do not like bangs, the caret can be slightly lengthened – the hair from the sides will hide the ears, the width of the cheekbones, and cover the cheeks.

Among the short hairstyles in 2019, Pixie is gaining popularity, this trend is performed in an amusing style – the hair is cut at the teeth, with a luxurious high nape. The original torn bang perfectly harmonizes with a round face.

Gentle elegant feminine Bob, able to decorate a woman of any age. The elongated side strands just below the chin will hide the roundness of the face, unsuccessful face shapes will distract the variety of texture.

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When choosing a haircut for a triangular face, forget about the volume at the crown, pronounced disharmonies, tight tails and knots are contraindicated, strands should not be below the chin.

For a triangular face, suitable options are haircuts bob and garcon, whose ears are open, the bangs should be short, straight, with the correct shape or elongated. Suitable for girls who have thin but thick hair. Just the best fashionable in 2019 haircut for triangular faces is a square. Volumetric styling with asymmetric bangs will divert attention from the chin.

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Finding the right haircut for a square face is considered difficult, but very real. The choice is to stop on asymmetrical variants, such as pixies and bob. Asymmetrical side strands and elongated oblique bangs can smooth out the angularity of the face. The short haircut framing a face with curly soft hair will perfectly look.

Oval – the type of face for which any variants of haircuts are suitable, without special restrictions. One of the trends in 2019 is considered to be a square. Fashionistas prefer the option with extensions or on the leg. Also fashionable and original are hairstyles cap. Their practicality, which does not require styling, is very much appreciated among businesswomen who have problems with their free time.

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An excellent option for thick hair is elegant pixie, with a minimum of time for styling. Using wax when styling, a delightful texture will appear in the hair. To make the haircut always look great, the correction needs to be done every 1.5-2 months. An excellent choice for thick hair is a haircut sesson, easy to care. With a long option bangs for a round face, and shortened for oval.

If for a thick head of hair with the selection of a haircut, everything is simple, then for thin hair you need an alternative to increase the volume.

Fashion trends 2019 for thin hair is, asymmetry in haircuts, short cascades, shaggy effect, also stylists recommend a relief bean.

The mere presence of short haircuts can add volume to a hairstyle, especially if these are variants of multi-layered or stepped haircuts. They will give your strands aerial wealth. The volume will also increase if the strands curl in or out. More voluminous hair will look with the correct coloring, glare is a very original solution for thin hair.


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