50 Gray Silver Hair Color Ideas in 2019


Gray Silver Hair Color

The trend of the last decade has become gray, and its shades, combinations with other colors. Bright and elegant at the same time, gray silver hair color inspires artists and designers. It was not an exception of the beauty industry – cold steel modulations are increasingly used in hairdressing.

For the transformation of gray hair choose young girls, it attracts mature women too. The psychology of shade includes the spectrum of black and white, the attraction of opposite faces. This is one of the  its main secrets of popularity among both brunettes and blondes. Saving the unique glow is quite difficult, and also gray requires comprehensive care.

How to get at home

It is easier to get a gray-haired, saturated shade of light-blond, fair-haired girls, as well as those who have passed the blonding. The brown-haired women, as well as brunettes, will have to go through the bleaching stage in the cabin – a self-carried out procedure can lead to the destruction of the stem structure and the appearance of yellowness.

Paint-hair gel Estelle Only is rich in variations of light brown, light gray, light brown, light blond ashy, light blond ashy, light blond ashy-violet. The formula contains a unique complex of quat-acrylic, enriched with argan oil. The result is 5 levels of protection of the structure, the color of the curls. The condition of strands improves, they become smooth, obedient. The steady saturated shade pleases about 2 months. The cost of 210 rubles.

Cream-paint for hair Londa. The palette of gray is represented by medium blond, light blond, platinum blond, dark ash, ash blond, platinum silver. Provides gentle staining that preserves shine, curl effect up to 8 weeks. The coloring pigment penetrates the stem structure, allowing you to get a uniform shade from root to tip. The formula of the balm used after dyeing is enriched with panthenol and vitamin E. They protect the strands from external factors, including ultraviolet radiation. You can buy for 180 rubles.

Hair dye L’Oreal Paris Recital Preferenc allows you to achieve exquisite shades – ash-blond, light brown Copenhagen, Viking very light-blond, light blond mother-of-pearl, ultra-blond cold ashy, ultra-blond cold mother-of-pearl. Thanks to large molecules, it helps to maintain a glossy rich color for 2 months. The paint contains a vitamin complex, filters that provide strength and shine of curls. The kit includes a balm that enhances the color that protects hair from burning out in the sun, the effects of a hair dryer, ironing. You can buy for 434 rubles.

Shading preparations

Schwarzkopf Color Freeze shampoo for colored hair protects color, protects strands from the effects of external factors. A gentle, gentle cleansing, even with frequent washing, allows you to keep the intense shine of cold ash tones. Moisturizes, cares for the scalp, makes the strands soft, silky. It is recommended not only to preserve the color, but also to neutralize the yellowness. Apply shampoo to wet hair, froth, wash off after 1-2 minutes. You can buy for 612 rubles.

Shampoo for colored hair with a silver effect Indola allows you to achieve a cold overflow. The complex contains violet and blue pigments, as a result of washing the shade acquires a rich metallic luster. The composition includes nutrients and amino acids. Application allows to avoid the subsequent coloring, toning. It is recommended to use indole shampoo to maintain and neutralize yellowness once a week. The composition is applied to wet curls, foams, washed off after 3 minutes. Price 1650 rubles.

To whom gray color is suitable?

Gray color does not tolerate lack of shape and styling. This shade looks great on curled Hollywood curls, voluminous squares, architectural soissons and pages. Avant-garde asymmetrical haircuts at the peak of popularity, often used ashen tandems with pink, purple, gray, green. It is interesting to look ash gray afrokosy, weaving, careless bunches. When laying you need to add the volume of the root area.

Ash-brown color is often found in the color type Summer with gray-blue, gray-green eyes; Add brightness to the exterior, toned curls in steel tone;


Differs from natural gray strands in glossy shine. It is recommended to use after blonding, gives a healthy shine.


Natural light brown with golden brown tints. Suitable for girls with blue eyes, on the nature of light curls. Underline the natural beauty in combination with chocolate and chestnut shades.

Dark grey

Visually makes older, so more often used by girls under 30 years. It is very difficult to achieve at home – getting the desired pigmentation requires experience, knowledge of the secrets of color. Go to the owners of natural light brown hair color, cold-type appearance.

Light gray

Golden blonde is recommended to choose owners of tanned and light skin with freckles. You can also use natural blondes for a more expressive color.


Combines at the same time 3 shades: light brown, ashy, blond. The palette is for girls with gray, blue, gray-blue eyes, milky skin.


It can be achieved only on blonde hair. Pearl highlights help neutralize yellowness, giving a clean, uniform cold glow. They go to the owners of perfect skin tone with expressive features.

Yellowness shampoo with the effect of Tamik’s biolamination is recommended for bleached and blond hair. It has antiseptic properties, relieves irritation, gently cares for the scalp. Contains peach oil and vitamin complex, nourishing, moisturizing curls along the entire length. Suitable for frequent use, applied to wet strands, after 3 minutes washed off. You can buy for 154 rubles.

Partial staining techniques

The gray color is suitable for painting with the help of various modern techniques. For a combination with a gray tint, a natural dark palette can be used, the rainbow range is also relevant.

Types of staining:

Highlighting in gray color is performed on medium and ultra-long hair. Contrast “with

Color features

Gray includes shades of green, red, blue, depending on the concentration of each varies the intensity of the fundamental tone. Incredibly popular staining in ashy tones, from naturally blond to rich silver with a blue subtone. Used for colored ombre with strawberry, peach, turquoise, lavender combinations.

Such images require bright makeup – glossy scarlet, berry lips, grotesque shooters, lush, doll eyelashes. But the color is also suitable for those who want to add natural notes to the exterior. Coloring in light-brown smoky color will add refinement, refinement.

Advantages of gray color:

transforms appearance; suitable for different age groups, color types; looks luxurious on different types of haircuts, from classic to avant-garde; It is perfectly combined with a natural and iridescent palette. Those who wish to achieve a gray tint, do not forget about its shortcomings:

you must first discolor the strands so that the gray pigment is evenly fixed; brunettes, brown-haired, blond girls should be stained only in the salon, otherwise curls can become yellowish-greenish shades; in order to preserve color and gloss, it is necessary to select care products for a silvery blond; You will need a whole series of products – dry, brittle trunks after dyeing require regular moistening, color protection; Restrictions apply to all thermal procedures – blow-drying, styling with tongs and even walking under the bright scorching sun can cause yellowness.


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