Adorable Short Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Haired Ladies

Short Curly Hairstyles

In the coming year, fashion will pleasantly surprise the owners of short hair and those who dare to shorten their curls. In the trend will be bold and daring hairstyles, naughty bangs and bright colors.

For a start, you can watch a short video, and after that look at all the other options for short haircuts

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First of all, healthy beautiful hair is in fashion in every season, so after the winter cold, you should slightly strengthen your hair, revitalize and feed with masks, and after rushing to the salon to make a new trendy haircut.

The choice of length in this season is not relevant, as the haircuts are presented in a wide range – these can be smooth long strands or ruffled careless “feathers”, gentle waves and fleece, layering and playing lengths.

Also under each image are assumed a variety of bangs: torn and neat, super-short and long – on the very eyes, slanting and straight.

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Today, many women lead an active lifestyle: they organize their business, go in for sports, constantly rush, so they don’t have enough time to care for their long hair and prefer short haircuts. In addition, modern hairstyles for short hair rejuvenate a woman, emphasize beautiful facial features, lightning-fast fit. Consider the most fashionable short haircuts of the season:
1. Haircut cascade – haircut, again coming to the forefront, but now offers uneven strands and asymmetry on the sides. When laying, you do not need to try too hard, on the contrary, ruffle your hair a little, make it random and sprinkle with a little varnish.

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2. Bob – the usual short haircut, which remains relevant always. There are many options to cut bob for short hair, you can choose softer contours without sharp transitions or give preference to geometry.

3. Haircut “cap” – the actual haircut season 2015, gorgeous and spectacular, although requiring frequent adjustments from a specialist. Can be performed asymmetrically or at the same level. This haircut requires special care and styling, so it is not for all girls. If you have disobedient, fluffy and curly hair, then such a haircut should be abandoned. When choosing this haircut, pay attention to the shape of the face, a haircut cap is only suitable for a classic oval-shaped face.

Short Curly Hairstyles - 14


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4. Four of a kind – a simple haircut, but its variations are numerous: torn strands, four-sided, with lengthening. A short bob is as important as ever this season; when choosing such a haircut, it’s better to give preference to clear lines and even cuts, and a short bob goes well with straight bangs. But this kind of haircut car will suit owners of straight hair. For curly-haired girls, it’s better to stop the choice on a slightly careless car, in which the loose strands will not look out of place.

5. Pixie is a stylish, elegant haircut that hides the age of a woman, turns her into a tomboy, but at the same time creates a fragile and touching image. Great for fine hair. Many Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Ann Heitue, Halle Berry, and others have already tried this haircut. The word “pixie” means elf, and really this haircut gives the image a bit of playfulness and fabulousness. She is equally good for both aged women and young beauties. Suitable for oval and round face shapes. Classic pixie haircut implies short hair on the sides and elongated at the back of the head, as well as the presence of oblique bangs. Pixie cut doesn’t need careful styling, a bit of disheveled hair is not only allowed, but also welcomed.


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