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Fashionable haircuts for the summer of 2019 and hairstyles that choose all the girls will be discussed in this review. All stylists as one claim that in 2019, and especially in summer, midi-length haircuts are in fashion between short haircuts and long curls.

Hairstyles for men have a great variety. Having chosen a suitable hairstyle, everyone can reflect their lifestyle and character, because hairstyle is one of the key details of the everyday image, along with a suit on the figure, high-quality footwear and perfume fragrance. People around you always pay attention to your hairstyle – looking at you, they first of all see your face and how it is emphasized, therefore it is important to pay enough time and attention to the haircut.

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Short Haircuts for Oval Faces Short Haircuts for Oval Faces Short Haircuts Oval Faces Short Haircuts 2016 Faces

Nowadays, the fashion industry regularly offers us fresh trends, erased stereotypes that are associated with fashion and style are being erased. Men prefer hair coloring and original haircuts. Stylish man with a neat high-quality haircut always looks modern, confident and personable.

Now the color, the shape of the haircut or the accessories are not as important as the hair, their health and well-groomed appearance, so it is necessary to have a haircut with a professional in their field. We are well versed in this, men’s haircuts and shaving are our specialty, the work of our masters is appreciated by everyone who comes to.

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When visiting the OldBoy barbershop, you can choose the specific components of the hairstyle that you like. If you want to understand in advance what kind of hairstyle you need – we have already prepared. To make it easier for you to choose and define your desired haircut style, OldBoy presents to your attention some types of classic men’s haircuts, which we will gladly make for you!

Simplicity and convenience in 2018 entered the trend. Haircut cropping (from the English. “Сrop” – short cut) corresponds to a furious life rhythm, fashion trends and a certain style.

A distinctive feature of this haircut is the torn texture of the strands: the hair at the back and sides is cut short, while the top remains slightly longer.

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This hairstyle has become popular due to the quick and easy styling – strands are combed forward or laid in a matter of minutes to the side, depending on the length.

Crop is a universal haircut that suits men of all ages, but it looks especially good on slender young people with symmetrical, chiseled features.

Like a white T-shirt and a black leather jacket, they are considered male-style classics, as well as a crop is one of the most timeless and adaptive haircuts. Unlike many other hairstyles, such as undercard or pompadour, French Crop can be adapted to any face shape, and aesthetically well combined with almost any style of dressing. It is not surprising that many celebrities often give this haircut their preference.

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