27 Long Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair To Get Inspired 2019


Long Bob Haircuts

Long haired haircut, popular since ancient Egypt. Easy to care, suitable for different types of girls, and a stylish evening hairstyle is easy to clean.

The perfect hairstyle for chubby girls – a difficult find. However, the elongated four-seater easily copes with the task and helps to stretch the face and smooth out large cheeks. Strands are laid to make the lower part look heavier. Ideal in combination with side parting. The ends should not be twisted inside; they round the face further. Better to leave straight or twist out.

Curious fact. Modern hairdressing separates the notions of “bob” and “square”, only sometimes combining them into “bob-square”. However, in essence, the expression bobbed, a short version of which sounds like “bob”, translates from English as “make a short haircut”, “cut your hair short”. When exactly this variant of the short female haircut came into being, no one can say, however, it can be argued that its original form represented only an even cut of hair, only its length varied. In different countries, the options “bean” were called differently – “garcon” in France, “bubikopf” in Germany, “Russian haircut” – in Russia. Only at the beginning of the 20th century with such a haircut began to apply the technology of graduation, forming a smooth transition from the upper tiers of hair to the lower. The hairstyle, in fact, was the same, the difference in appearance was achieved by styling – in waves, with a comb back, deliberately disheveled, with curls, etc. In the 1930s, fashion changed, and the bob was forgotten for a while, remembering only in the difficult war years, when short hair became not a matter of fashion, but a necessity. Today the bob is one of the most popular haircuts, which has become the basis for a wide variety of hairstyles.


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