55 New Short Hairstyles for 2019 – Bob Cuts for Everyone


New Short Hairstyles for 2019

So the haircuts of 2018-2019 year have absorbed all the good and quality that was offered in previous years. Everything that women didn’t like did not find a response in their hearts – left behind, but the forms, haircut techniques that showed themselves at the height of popularity remain fashionable this season. First of all, healthy beautiful hair is in fashion in every season, so after winter cold weather should be slightly strengthened hair, revitalize and “feed” the masks, and only after rushing to the salon to make a new trendy haircut.
The choice of length in the season 2018-2019 is not relevant, as the haircuts are presented in a wide range – these can be smooth long strands or ruffled sloppy “feathers”, gentle waves and backs, layering and playing lengths. Also under each image are assumed a variety of bangs: torn and neat, super-short and long – on the very eyes, slanting and straight.

Today, many women lead an active lifestyle: they organize their business, play sports, constantly rush, because they do not have enough time to care for their long hair and prefer short haircuts. In addition, modern hairstyles for short hair rejuvenate a woman, emphasize beautiful facial features, lightning-fast fit. Consider the most fashionable short haircuts in 2018.Creative and classic – that combines haircut square. It should be noted that the car can try on as girls with short hair, and owners of medium length. In any case, this haircut looks very impressive


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