25 Easily Short Hairstyles for Young Girls in 2019

Short Hairstyles for Girls

Одним из самых популярных решений сезона 2019 станут выбритые виски и затылок. Все больше модниц решаются на этот смелый шаг и не жалеют об этом. Такая стрижка делает ваш лук женственным и стильным.

Если же вы хотите более дерзкий облик, то 2019 год подготовил для вас ультрамодное окрашиваниe. Яркими оттенками можно слегка разбавить надоевший образ, либо же полностью его сменить, решение за вами.

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Cheeky pixie is the hit of the season. This is an excellent solution for weak and sparse hair, a good master will easily increase your volume by performing pixies. Also, if you have naughty curls who do not want to obey your commands, the pixy will become your magic wand.

Do not discount the good old car. Careless styling will complete your look. Remember that the year 2019 has to naturalness, and therefore your curls should look natural, you should not bend on styling tools. The caret is suitable for all types of hair, so beauties with sparse hair can count on increasing volume with this haircut.

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Natural curls will look very beautiful on the square, you should not try to get rid of them, on the contrary, they will emphasize your individuality and in no way spoil the haircut. Far from the last trend of 2019 is ultra-short haircuts.

Not everyone decides on such cardinal changes, but this haircut is not suitable for everyone. For example, girls with rough features or irregular skull shape, it is better to abandon such an undertaking, but beauties with a round and oval face may well think about it.

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Do not forget that any haircut can be supplemented with a bang. In 2019, this addition will be very fashionable and relevant. In the fashion will be absolutely all options, from the shortest and ordinary-looking bangs, to thick strands completely bordering the face.

2019 will be a real treasure for fashionable and courageous women. Do not underestimate the attractiveness of short hair, they give an extraordinary charm and zest.

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For well-groomed hair, the beauty and style of a feminine haircut will be a necessary norm. In the season of 2019, coarse boyish haircut ceases to be relevant, the graceful forms gently framing the face confidently occupy the leading position in the trend. It is believed that a short haircut gives the image of audacity and rebellion. Looking at the photos of short haircuts of the 2019 season, you will see that they are also charmingly sexy, not inferior to anything long. In addition, it is very convenient because it does not take much time to care for them and styling.

This season for short haircuts fashionable new directions: for ultrashort haircuts it is recommended to use bright shades; volume effect in the hair; Pixie style haircuts; in the haircuts will be spectacular geometric contours; hairstyles based on bob cropped haircuts are very popular; Grunge haircuts; and permanent smooth haircuts.

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